Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 8

1. What are the deployment tools used in salesforce?
2. Sales cloud implementation:
3. What do you mean by sales cloud?
4. What is an opportunity(is a sale or pending deal), what are important fields in opportunity object?
5. Service cloud features
6. What are escalation rules?
7. Service console configuration?
8. What is knowledge in salesforce?
9. Can we have versioning for Knowledge articles?
10. What is live agent?
11. Configuring live agent
12. What are things needed to make any rest service?
13. What is the URI?
14. Data migration, what are some of exceptions while using data loaders?
15. Apex triggers: what is bulkifycation of a trigger?
16. If we are bulkyfying a trigger it will avoid an exception, what is it?
17. What is governor limit exception?
18. Types of governor limit exceptions?
19. Any example of governor limits?
20. What is the significance of test.start and test.stop?
21. What is a mockwebservice response?
22. Marketing cloud?
23. What is the difference between SOQL and SOQL for loop?
24. What purpose you used jQuery?
25. Visualforce pages: best practices
26. How can I improve the performance of the page?
27. What is partial rendering of the page?
28. Pageblock table, you are loading list of records, how do you implement pagination?
29. What is standard set controller
30. What are the features related to security in salesforce?
31. What do you mean by two factor authentication?
32. What is visual workflows?
33. What is processbuilder?
34. What are the different actions can be achieved in processbulder?
35. approval process?
36. What are entitlements?
37. How do you set up email to case?
38. Do you know page block section, item?
39. Can we have two elements inside a section item?

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