Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 7

  1. Explain MVC in Salesforce.
  2. What is the multi-tenant architecture in Salesforce? How does it work?
  3. What is agile?
  4. DOM model in CSS? Or BOX model in CSS?
  5. What are the selectors?
  6. If we want to validate email field at client side how can it be done?
  7. What are the differences between xml vs json?
  8. What are the differences between stored procedures and functions?
  9. Query to delete duplicate records and one of the copy should be retained?
  10. Query to pick the second highest salary?
  11. Do you know the binary search?
  12. What are the differences between SOQL and SOSL? limit differences?
  13. What is asynchronous programing in apex?
  14. How can I make any function to run in asynchronous mode?
  15. What kind of datatypes can be accepted in Future methods?
  16. What are the differences between Future and callouts?
  17. What does callout=true do?
  18. What are the differences between REST and SOAP?
  19. How can we show any error message on lightning component? what is the tag we need use?
  20. What is aura?
  21. What is the major difference between workflow and trigger?
  22. How to identify duplicate records on a certain column basis?
  23. Matching rows and duplicate rows in sales force?
  24. What are sites?
  25. Can we implement the security over sites also?
  26. What is guest user in salesforce?
  27. How to manage credential based authenticity on site?
  28. What is remote site settings?
  29. Code validations?
  30. How many days code validation can be sustained so that we can deploy the changes without validation?
  31. How many emails can be sent out from an org in 24 hours?
  32. Get the list of users with particular permission set in apex?
  33. Do you know the object permission set assignments? what sort of information it keeps?
  34. How the security can be implemented in salesforce org?
  35. What are the custom meta datatypes?
  36. What are the tooling api?
  37. How to support multi language?
  38. On an object I have created custom validation rule, workflow, trigger? order?
  39. Integer field on any object, value entered is 6, previous is 5. triggers increments with 1, wf increments 1, next time trigger gets executed, what is present in trigger.old?

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