Visualforce Interview Questions

1. What Identifies A Controller As Being An Extension?
2. What is the order of execution in controller methods?
3. Mention Some Apex Classes That Are Commonly Used Within Controllers
4. What are the Three Types Of Bindings Used In Visualforce?
5. What are the Different Ajax Action Tags?
6. What is Standard List Controller?
7. How to display error messages in the visualforce page?
8. What is View state variable on visualforce page?
9. What is Action function?
10. What is Action support?
11. Difference between rendered and rerendered in visualforce?
12. What are actions on Visualforce page?
13. What are Visualforce Remote Objects?
14. Explain JavaScript Remoting.
15. can we have two elements inside a <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
16. What is <apex:pageBlockSection> component?
17. What are the syntaxes you used in the visualforce page?
18. What is a details page in visualforce?
19. What is Standard set controller?
20. How do you implement pagination?
21. What is partial rendering of the page?
22. Visualforce best practices or improving the visualforce page performance.
23. Five application forms which are sequential, in the 4th form we need to validate the first three as the preview, when you submit it should save it to the database?
24. How to access URL parameters in apex class?
25. Is it recommended to use <apex:includeScript> tag?

* These are combination of questions I faced in interviews and came accross web.

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