Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 10

  1.  do kbnow about change data capture?
  2. order of event propagation in component event?
  3. which interface you use to access the rcord id in lightning component?
  4. can we restrict the visibility of a component to only few lighting record pages?
  5. can you explain me default phase in application event?
  6. by default apex class used in lightning component is with sharing or without sharing?
  7. what is record lock error?
  8. how do you prevent this?
  9. how many callouts you can do in batch apex?
  10. what is mixed dml error?
  11. how do you prevent this error?
  12. best practices when you write the triggers?
  13. did you work on flows?
  14. to deploy flows do we need test coverage?
  15. what is the use of named credentials?
  16. does salesforce allow basic authentication?
  17. what are custom permissions?
  18. does process builder/flows runs in system more or user mode?
  19. what are macros and why they are exactly used?
  20. do you know about entitlement process?
  21. what is view state error? what is the limit?
  22. what is the difference between javascript remoting and action function?
  23. we have 3 objects a,b,c. b and c are child for a. we have check boxes on a,b and c. when checkboxex updated as true on b and c then only it should update on a.


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