Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 9

  1.  is lead 2 o, is it standard u utilized?
  2. what features of service cloud u handled?
  3. i have a profile profile, edit access is give on an object an perticular field.still i want to restrict the users of that profile from making changes to perticular record. in how many ways can i achieve that?
  4. as soon as a field moves on to a perticular value, lets say there is a field set to completed. no user should be allowed to make any changes to that record. how can i do that?
  5. have u worked with approval processes? what is the first thing that happens when a record enters in approval process. we can loc the record.
  6. can i lock the record on the update of perticular field programatically?
  7. are you aware of the order of execution in salesforce?
  8. lets say there is a custom field of data type number, on a perticular object. there is a custom validation rule written for that field.whenever the value gets greater than 10, it should through an error. no some other condition was satisfied on that obkject and a workflow rule was executed. that workflow rule had a field update defined. that is trying to update the value to 12. will it be able to do that? if the same record is getting updated and another workflow is fired another field updatin field to this time to 7.5. will it be updated?
  9. tell me difference between, with sharng and without sharing. so lets say there is a perticular profile. on that profile i have given all the ....
  10. contact object is not given any access not even read. and account object is havinh all the access. now i have written a trigger on account. in the after insert context. i am calling a method of another class. that method inserts the contact record for that account. what will happen? will the account creation fail? or will the contact creation fail? or obth get created?
  11. first scenario is, the class hich contains the contact creation method is defined as with sharing.
  12. 2nd scenario, the class which contains the contact creation has without sharing. what will happen in each scenario?
  13. what is the complex requirement? in terms of that what was the actual requirment? and how it was delivered?

  14. What are the different types of events you ahndled?
  15. what is the reason behind using aura methods?
  16. lets suppose if client gives you a requirement, you have built a lightning component that displays something. client asks for pdf for that lightning component. how will you o that?
  17. in lightning compponent which components work on the client side and which work on the server side?
  18. how do you think communication is happening between client side code and server side code?
  19. is it asynchronous?
  20. have you ever reached the limit that you have consumed all the asynchrounous calls for the day? do you have idea? any opproximation?
  21. any other governor limits you might have encountered?
  22. what was the scenario in which you encountered DML?
  23. if client says, i want only one account record should get created per day. only through configuration.

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