Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 4

  1. How many Queuable jobs u can chain?
  2. How many assignment rules are there?
  3. How is case management handled in your org.
  4. I have a workflow and a trigger on an object. I have a custom field on which trigger updates value as 50, workflow as 100. What is the final outcome of the field?
  5. Can we stop the recursive triggers?
  6. In the above scenario, will the trigger get called recursively?
  7. What is the difference between static in Salesforce and Java?
  8. What is CPU timeout error when does this occur, how can we avoid this?
  9. What are platform events in Salesforce lightning ?
  10. What is the timeout for a rest call?
  11. Is there a way to increase it?
  12. When can we see the share button on a record?
  13. Explain security reasons.
  14. What are the security features available in Salesforce

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