Salesforce Interview Questions : Company 3

  1. What are the features in service cloud? Which out of them are you using?
  2. How does a case assignment rule work?
  3. Can I link once case to another? how?
  4. Explain Email messaging in salesforce?
  5. Job has a field called status, when I change the status to closed, we need to send a mail. Once I send the email, I want to track it back on a field. How can we achieve this?
  6. What is truncation Salesforce?
  7. Account has multiple Contacts, when I create a new Contact, description field value should be update to other Contacts of the Account. Best solution to achieve this?
  8. What is the difference between, trigger context and trigger variables?
  9. Have you worked on Process Builder?
  10. Can we call future method from Process Builder?
  11. What is a future method?
  12. Can you call the asynchronous method from Process Builder?
  13. What is the difference between invocable methods and other static methods?
  14. How to access URL parameters in apex class(Controller)?
  15. Five application forms which are sequential, in the 4th form we need to validate the first three as the preview, when you submit it should save it to the database. How can you achieve this?
  16. Have you worked on webservices?
  17. How do you connect REST service? How does it interact?
  18. Can we have multiple get methods in same webservice?
  19. Can we have multiple put methods?
  20. What is the difference between put and post method?

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