Omniscript integration in Vlocity Quote Document Templates

To use Omniscript integration in Vlocity Quote Document Templates, you can follow these detailed steps:

1. Create an Omniscript:
   - Log in to your Salesforce org.
   - Navigate to the "App Launcher" and search for "Omniscript Builder."
   - Click on "Omniscript Builder" to open the Omniscript Builder interface.
   - Create a new Omniscript by clicking on "New Omniscript" or edit an existing Omniscript.
   - Design your Omniscript by adding the necessary steps, fields, and logic required for your use case.
   - Make sure to include any data fields that you want to integrate into your Vlocity Quote Document Template.

2. Create a Vlocity Quote Document Template:
   - In Salesforce, go to the "App Launcher" and search for "Vlocity Quote Document Templates."
   - Click on "Vlocity Quote Document Templates" to open the template management interface.
   - Create a new template or edit an existing one.
   - Design your template layout, including headers, footers, tables, and text sections.
   - Determine where you want to include the Omniscript integration.

3. Configure Omniscript Integration in the Vlocity Quote Document Template:
   - Locate the section or field in the template where you want to include the Omniscript integration.
   - Edit that section or field and insert a merge field using double curly braces, like `{{ }}`.
   - Inside the merge field, enter the following syntax: `{{omniscript:<Omniscript_API_Name>.currentStep.fieldName}}`.
     - Replace `<Omniscript_API_Name>` with the actual API name of your Omniscript.
     - Replace `fieldName` with the API name of the field or variable in the Omniscript that you want to include in the template.
   - Save the changes to the template.

4. Generate a Quote Document:
   - Go to the Quote record in Salesforce.
   - Click on the "Generate Document" button or the appropriate action that triggers the generation of the document using the Vlocity Quote Document Template.
   - Select the desired template from the list.
   - Proceed with the document generation process.
   - The Omniscript integration will populate the corresponding field or variable value from the Omniscript into the designated section of the generated document.

5. Review and Customize the Output:
   - Once the document generation process is complete, review the generated document.
   - If necessary, make further adjustments to the template layout or Omniscript logic to achieve the desired output.
   - Repeat the generation process as needed until you are satisfied with the results.

By following these steps, you can successfully integrate an Omniscript into a Vlocity Quote Document Template, allowing you to dynamically populate specific sections of the template with data captured during the Omniscript interaction.

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